Second Hand Bowls

We have a vast range of second hand bowls in stock for lawn bowls, indoors, short mat and crown green.

We try to stock a variety of second hand bowls in different sizes, models, colours and price points.

Click on the button below to see our full list of second hand bowls.

These lists are in size order.

The flat green bowls list includes models for outdoors (O), indoors (I) and short mat (S)

To purchase a set of second hand bowls or if you have any enquiries please send us an email to or give us a call on 01691 886444.

(Please note, these lists may not always be up to date but we try to update them weekly.)

Featured Second Hand Bowls


Drakes Pride Professional - Size 000H - Purple Harlequin - WB32 Stamp


This set of bowls is new and un used.


Taylor Ace with Xtreme Grip - Size 00 Heavy - Iced Lime (Grey/Blue/Lime) - WB31 Stamp



Aero Defiance - Size 3H (Dentation Grip) - India (Orange/White/Green) - WB23 Stamp



Henselite Tiger Evo - Size 4 Heavy (Series C Grip) - Black - WB27 Stamp



Taylor Blaze - Size 4 Heavy (Premier Grip) - Green/Yellow/White - WB22 Stamp


Good condition. A couple of small chips. Please contact us for more photos.